Ron Kardashian Coach

Ron Kardashian has made it his mission in life to deliver a relevant message to every client and congregation or crowd he speaks to. His ability to minister to the needs of others backed both by his in-depth knowledge of human behavior and physiology has given him the ability to quickly equip others with  specific life tools necessary to live a maximum impacting, fruitful, and on-point live. With a passion and gift to speak to large groups and organizations- One word has been synonymous with the results of hearing Ron LIVE.  

" Transformation!"

He is humorous, highly motivational, passionate and pointed as he combines physical analogies we all deal with in the human body, to articulate biblical truths and solutions to life that optimize spiritual & personal breakthroughs. People leave restored, equipted with solutions that empower results and answers to life's hard questions. According to Ron, there is no challenge economically, physically, emotionally, or spiritually that is too big that a simple and straight forward solution can’t solve.

" Helping others heal and locate the root of a problem, determine the correct solution, and define a clearly executable plan for individual success is God's number #1 job and I'm honored to be apart of what he is doing on the earth." - Coach Ron.


KeyNote speaking is availalbe for small and large groups.

Empowerment Speaker | Infulencer | Elite Level Trainer | Coach | Ordained & Licenced Minister & Educator.


Both Ron and Tia consider ministry in any venue  as their most esteemed privelideg & honor. 




Bishop TD Jakes Says:

"Ron Kardashian introduces new breakthrough information...for those who want to derive purpose and more satisfaction from life."